When you have decided on one (or even a few) styles that you like, I will give you a detailed quote listing all of the materials, setup, printing, trimming and assembly fees based on the estimated number you require. (Please see quote example below). I will also list any additional options that may interest you, such as matching envelopes, diamonte stickers on initials, magnetic tape on the back, etc. If you are not certain of the exact number required, I can do a quote estimate based on an approximate number of invitations, but the final invoice will be adjusted to the exact number actually printed.

I try to charge a standard set-up fee for each item, unless they are of a more complex design then this price may increase. (Something involving a photograph is always more time consuming, and particularly if any editing needs to be done.) This set-up fee also includes a choice of 6 different layouts and font styles for you to choose from.

Printing costs incorporated into your quote include personalised printing with you guests' names on the stationery. I am happy to do just a dotted line so as names can be hand-written in, which will reduce this cost. Colour printing is charged at extra (from $1.50 to $3.00 per A4 sheet depending on ink coverage).

Trimming costs will vary depending on the number of sheets needing to be cut down and how many layers you have, but I try to keep this cost minimal - usually between $15 - $25. Decorative trimming may incur a higher fee.

Assembly costs will depend on the complexity of the stationery - the more layers and accessories such as ribbon, buckles, etc, will affect the price, which generally starts at $20 and increases from there. The cost also includes all tapes, glues, etc needed to put your stationery together.

The final pricing of your stationery will obviously depend on the materials you select - papers and card start from as low as 45 cents, but some are as expensive as $2.60 an A4 sheet. It will also depend on how many layers you'd like and the size of your stationery.

I am aware that some people quite like to put the stationery together themselves, so I'm more than happy to simply setup and print your invitations for you so that you can put them together yourself, or I can trim all the papers to size so all you need to do is stick them together. Simply take out the price in the quote of what you would like to do yourself - I'm happy to do as much or as little as you like!


Pictured Invitation Quote example (60 of):

  No. Description Unit Price
A4 Raspberry Cristina Re Paper
$1.40 ea
  20 A4 Black Lexel Card
$1.00 ea
  7.5 Metres Black Lace
$3.00 p/m
    Diamonte Stickers  
    Personalised Printing