This Temptation Table was created for my son Jacob's 4th Birthday.
He chose a car garage cake, which is what I then based the theme of the table around.

On this table display, there were:

36 Cake Pops (18 in each stand)
8 Frogs in Jelly Cups
6 Rock Candy Sticks
24 Large Cupcakes (12 on each plate)
20 Large Sugar Cookies (10 on each plate)
1 Large and 1 Medium Lolly Jar
20 Handmade Take Home Lolly Boxes
15 Custom Wrapped Cadbury Chocolate Bars
40 Truffles

Extra dessert amounts that didn't fit on the table were sent home with the guests.

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The car garage cake I made for Jacob's birthday. It had four layers, alternating between chocolate and white chocolate mud cakes, smothered with a white chocolate ganache between each layer and also around the outsides of the cake. It was then covered in white and coloured fondant icing. The cars, ramps, petrol pumps, etc were made entirely out of fondant icing also.
I liked the bold primary colours of the cars with the black, so they were the colours I continued with for the rest of the table.

The cake was raised to create the centerpiece of the table. Lolly jars were placed either side of the cake which were layered with lollies that matched the colour theme of the table. In front of the cake I made little take home boxes filled with freddo frogs, fruit tingles, mixed lollies, a balloon, etc. Vanilla sugar cookies in the shape of cars and again matching the colours of the table were placed either side of these.

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Beside the sugar cookies were vanilla cupcakes, each topped with a vanilla frosting and a thin layer of coloured fondant icing, plus a cut out car shape on top. Star and round shaped vanilla cake pops stood at the back, placed into handmade colour matching boxes so as to keep them upright, a tiered cake stand held white chocolate and toffee truffles, and I rewrapped cadbury furry friends chocolates in handmade wrappers to suit the car and colour theme also.

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In the back left corner I made strawberry flavoured blue and green rock candy on lollipop sticks and placed them in a large glass. In front of them were jelly cups with a cadbury frog inside.

Unfortunately I didn't quite have as much time as I would have liked to have spent on this table, as we were away on holidays until a week before, so the background is a little plain. And it was a little windy so the balloons kept disappearing behind the table or going in front of the banner, but overall everyone who came thought it was fantastic (and of course delicious!).


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