This Temptation Table was created for my exhibit at the 2011 South East Field Days,
and also for the Elite Events Bridal Expo.
I wanted something that would be eyecatching to those who walked past, hence chose a cherry blossom theme with black, white and bright pink colours.
This display won the Best Indoor Exhibit at the South East Field Days, and 2nd place in the Best Display Awards at the Bridal Expo.

On this table display, there were:

16 Cookie Pops (8 in each stand)
30 Cake Pops (15 on each plate)
12 Handmade Popcorn Boxes
10 Handmade Lolly Boxes
20 Truffles
Cake and Cupcakes

All of the desserts on the table were available for purchase at the Field Days, and I gave out goodie bags with an assortment of the desserts at the Bridal Expo.

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Handmade Popcorn Boxes held delicious Caramel Popcorn; Vanilla and Chocolate Sugar Cookies were placed on lollipop sticks and decorated in pink, black and white; Upside down Vanilla Cake Pops were dipped in milk or white chocolate and either drizzled in pink royal icing or sprinkled with pink sanding sugar.
The Cherry Blossom decoration at the rear of the table was created using branches from an old apricot tree with paper blossoms attached, the pots were painted and decorated to suit the theme.
The 'Creatively Yours' placed across the front of the table was made using vanilla Sugar Cookies.

More Cake Pops, Sugar Cookies and Popcorn. The Truffles on display were vanilla centred dipped in white chocolate and coconut, and also cherry flavoured to suit my cherry theme. Gift boxes of a dozen assorted truffles were sold, featuring not only these two flavours but Choc Orange and Peppermint.

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Handmade Take Home Lolly Boxes featured in the centre of the table as an example of what you could have on your own table. The 'CY' initials on everything were for my business 'Creatively Yours'.

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This cake was actually created using two pieces of foam in the centre, that I then decorated so as to last for the events without becoming damaged. The foam was covered in white fondant icing, and handade fondant flowers were placed to flow down the side of the cake. The 'CY' initials on the cake were for my business, Creatively Yours. Various chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were made to suit the theme; swirls of coloured buttercream sprinkled in sanding sugar, sugar pearls, etc, or topped with smoothed fondant and fondant flower decorations.

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I had an amazing time at both the Field Days and the Bridal Expo, met so many lovely people and have since been inundated with bookings, so I now can't wait to do it all again next year!


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