This Temptation Table was created for a friend. who loves elephants, the colours blue and purple, and white chocolate. Hence the theme of this table.

Now I have to admit that this table was created in less than 2 days from start to finish, so the table decorations are a little sparse. However, everything tasted wonderful, and I even managed to incorporate flowers from my chocolate bouquets in the display, which is all she'd really wanted for her birthday (with white lindt chocolates in their centres of course).

The cake was raised on a cake stand to create the centerpiece of the table. This was a vanilla sponge cake, layered with strawberry jam and white chocolate ganache in the centre, and covered in white chocolate ganache also. The outside of the cake was created in 3 separate pieces to form a white chocolate curved shell around the cake, and melted together at the joins. I then hand painted (in edible gold glitter colouring) elephants around the outside of the cake. I then covered the inside of the shell (on top of the cake) with white chocolate curls, and tied a blue ribbon around for decoration.

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Chocolate dipped and drizzled strawberries were placed on a plate to one side, vanilla cupcakes coated in a white chocolate ganache and topped with a thin layer of fondant icing stood in the center (with an elephant shape painted in the edible gold colouring on top), and elephant shaped chocolate sugar cookies were to the right.
I also created cookie letters to spell 'Happy Birthday Carolyn' which ran across the front of the table in place of a banner.

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White chocolate truffles, and milk chocolate truffles coated in white chocolate and coconut were displayed on a tiered cake stand.

While I also had an assortment of sandwiches and hot foods on this table, unfortunately I won't be offering such options for the Temptation Tables.



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