This Temptation Table was created for a relative's birthday. who loves pink and yellow frangipani's,
hence the theme of this table.

I had to travel to Adelaide to put together this table, plus cook all of the desserts while I was up there secretly as the birthday luncheon was a surprise, so unfortunately the table decorations had to be kept quite simple as was unsure where it would even be set up!

On this table there were:

16 Caramel Popcorn Cones
12 Handmade Lolly Bags
12 Chocolate Cupcakes
10 Chocolate Sugar Cookies
15 Vanilla Cake Pops
Chocolate Mud Cake

Extra desserts that didn't fit on the table were sent home with the guests.
Additional space was left for sandwiches and pastries (not available with Temptation Table packages sorry).

The Chocolate Cupcakes were decorated with a swirl of bright yellow vanilla buttercream, sprinkled in pink sanding sugar and some had a handmade fondant frangipani placed on them.
The Chocolate Sugar Cookie biscuits were decorated to look like pink and yellow frangipani's, and the Vanilla Cake Pops were dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled in pink sanding sugar.

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I made little lolly boxes for the guests to take home, which had a foam frangipani flower at the front and white ribbon for a handle. I filled the lolly boxes with pink musk sticks and yellow banana lollies.

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I found plain white candle holders, and decorated them with an artificial vine, then attached foam frangipani's to tie it in with the theme, and a plain white candle on top.


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The cake was a Chocolate Mud Cake, layered and coated in a chocolate ganache, with slabs of decorated white chocolate around the outside. In the centre were handmade fondant frangipani flowers on a bed of fondant leaves.

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