This Temptation Table was created for a relative's Birthday.
She is not only part Irish, but also was heading off over there on a holiday a few months after her birthday.
I decided to create this table only 4 days before her birthday, so all ideas, decorations, desserts and the cake were once again made in a very short time, but I and everyone else were very happy with the outcome!

On this table display, there were:

6 'Emerald Isle' (Green) Jelly Cups
15 'Ye Grande' Vanilla Cake Pops
10 'Shamrock' Vanilla Sugar Cookies
10 'Shamrock' Large Cupcakes
6 Handmade 'Pots of Gold' to take home
10 'Shamrock' Truffles
Assortment of sandwiches and savoury items (not available with packages I'm sorry)

Extra dessert amounts that didn't fit on the table were sent home with the guests.

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The cake was a chocolate sponge cake, covered in a chocolate ganache and wrapped around with black fondant icing to create a pot. (It was a very hot day so the cake did start sagging in the heat unfortunately). Shamus the leprechaun was made out entirely out of fondant icing, aside from a piece of black ribbon and buckle that I wrapped around his hat. Chocolate gold coins were then placed around the top of the cake to look like gold.

I made the little 'pots of gold' out of cardboard with split pins holding the handles on so they could swivel back and forth. The pots were filled with more chocolate gold coins and chocolate eclairs for guests to take home.

Upside down Vanilla Cake Pops were dipped in white chocolate and drizzled in green royal icing, then placed in patty pans. Vanilla sugar cookies were made in the shape of shamrocks and sprinkled with edible green glitter. Cups with green jelly were placed along the back of the table also.

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I made both vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, each topped with a swirl of green buttercream, sprinkled with edible green glitter and a chocolate green shamrock placed in each. The truffles were cherry ripe flavoured, dipped in white chocolate and piped with a green shamrock design in royal icing.

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I tried to create a rainbow effect as the backdrop for the table (afterall, how could you have a pot of gold without a rainbow?!), so this was made using streamers. Cardboard clouds were attached to the top of the rainbow. A 'Happy Birthday' banner was made from cardboard (I would have liked for this to have been bigger but in such a short time had to make do with the amount of cardstock I had on hand), and handmade cardboard flowers with glitter centres stood at the base of the rainbow also.
Handmade shamrock table cards with Irish slang descriptions of the desserts were placed in front of each plate.


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The finished table.

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