Creatively Yours is excited to introduce its newest addition to the products already on offer -
delectable Dessert Tables uniquely created for your theme and event.

Cake decorating and creating gourmet desserts has been a long-time hobby of mine, but until now has been something only my family and friends have had the opportunity to enjoy. After a friends' caterer cancelled on her wedding only 6 weeks before the big day, she asked for my assistance and I not only made the wedding cake, but an entire dessert table for their guests. It was a huge success, and I even received numerous queries on the night from other guests as to whether I'd be available to do something similar for their upcoming events!

So during the months after the wedding, I went through the process of setting my business up for catering purposes, put together new dessert options and different table packages, and am pleased to now be able to offer my services for your upcoming events.

Examples of Temptation Tables
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The Temptation Tables are completely designed with your theme and colour choices in mind, which extends to not only the table decorations, but the desserts themselves. This is what makes them perfect for just about any type of function, whether it's a Birthday, Engagement, Baby Shower, Wedding Reception, or even a Corporate Event. And I am constantly creating new desserts to offer, however in the packages listed I have based them primarily on my most popular options, such as the Cake Pops, Cupcakes and Truffles.

All packages can be adjusted in any way to suit your individual requirements, whether it's the number required or the dessert options themselves. Simply have a look through all of the options listed below and I can create a package for you with your chosen desserts and amounts.To view the standard Package Options, please click here

To order desserts individually, please click here to view the pricing guide

Cake Pops

Vanilla Sponge Cake mixed with a vanilla frosting, coated in a layer of milk or white chocolate and placed on a lollipop stick. Individually wrapped in cellophane & tied with a ribbon.

*For shaped Cake Pops additional charges will apply


Cupcakes - Large

Choice of Vanilla or Chocolate sponge cupcakes, with your choice of topping:

1) Coated in a vanilla or chocolate frosting and covered in a thin layer of plain or coloured fondant icing with a simple decoration (as pictured right) on top. (For complex 3D designs additional costs will apply.)

2) Topped with a swirl of coloured buttercream, and sprinkled with either cachous, sanding sugar or mini sugar shapes.
(3D fondant decoration extra)


Mini Cupcakes

Choice of Vanilla or Chocolate sponge cupcakes, with a swirl of coloured buttercream, and sprinkled with either cachous, sanding sugar or mini sugar shapes.



Delicious melt-in-your mouth centres dipped in chocolate and presented in a mini patty-pan.

Choose from peppermint, choc orange, toffee,
tia maria, white chocolate, or original milk chocolate flavour dipped in white chocolate & coconut.
*New Cherry flavour available


Dark Chocolate Truffle
with crunchy peppermint pieces

Choc Orange

Dark Chocolate Truffle flavoured with finely grated orange zest


Milk Chocolate Truffle
with crunchy toffee

Tia Maria

Milk Chocolate Truffle with Tia Maria liqueur, coated in sifted cocoa.

White Chocolate

Milk or White Chocolate Truffle, coated in white chocolate and coconut


Sugar Cookies

Sweet Vanilla or Chocolate biscuits created in a shape to compliment your theme, and decorated in coloured royal icing.

Sugar Cookie Pops

Sweet Vanilla or Chocolate biscuits created in a shape to compliment your theme, decorated in coloured
royal icing and placed on a lollipop stick.

The perfect novelty biscuit for a kids' party!

Lolly Jar

A selection of lollies layered in the jar to compliment your chosen colour theme.

Lollies can include (but are not limited to) smarties,
red frogs, licorice, wrapped toffees, bananas, marshmellows, snakes, jelly babies, lollipops, etc.


Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Fresh strawberries dipped in white, milk or dark chocolate, and drizzled in chocolate.


Image Coming Soon

Chocolate Mousse Mini's

Individual shot glasses filled with delicious chocolate mousse.


Chocolates with Custom-made Wrapper

Cadbury chocolate slabs wrapped in foil and finished with a handmade chocolate wrapper designed to suit your theme.


Frogs in Jelly

A Cadbury Chocolate Frog in a plastic stemmed cup filled with a jelly to suit your colour theme.



Image Coming Soon

Old Fashioned Rock Candy

An old American favourite, strawberry flavoured sugared rock candy on a lollipop stick, coloured to suit your colour theme.


Popcorn Cones & Boxes

Paper cones or boxes created to suit your theme, and filled with either caramel or plain popcorn.


Handmade Party Boxes

Handmade party boxes for you to fill with goodies, and for your guests to take home with them to enjoy.

Actual box may differ from those pictured depending on your requirements and theme.

See pricing guide for 'Filled Party Box' pricing


To view individual pricing for the Dessert Options, please click here


Prices from $80 to $550 depending on complexity & size

While cake decorating is something I thoroughly enjoy and am happy to offer, please note that I am completely self-taught.

While I can no doubt offer cakes at a cheaper price to the professionals, some cake styles I may simply not be confident in attempting. So please feel free to discuss your ideas with me and I will see what I can come up with for you.

Cake Flavours available:

Chocolate Mud Cake
White Chocolate Mud Cake
Vanilla Sponge Cake

(alternative flavours can be used on request)

Cake Toppings available:

Chocolate Ganache
White Chocolate Ganache
Buttercream Frosting
Fondant Icing

To view examples of some of the cakes I have been asked to make in the past, please click here.

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For more information or enquiries about the Temptation Tables now on offer,
please email or contact me on 0408 807 187