This Temptation Table was created for a wedding reception.
The colours for the wedding were purple, white and silver, with a touch of pink.
I also tried to keep everything quite 'round' in shape to make the overall look of the table more appealing - a round banner, round tissue pompons, round cake and cupcakes, round cake pops, truffles, biscuits, etc.

On this table display, there were:

52 cake pops (26 on each stand)
48 Truffles (24 on each plate)
30 Sugar Cookies (15 on each plate)
48 Mini Cupcakes (24 on each plate)
40 Large Wedding Cupcakes

The remaining desserts ordered were used to restock the table during the night.

This was the table before the desserts were layed out. I painted pots in black and silver to go either side of the table, filled them with metallic silver flowers from my chocolate bouquets, with purple and silver chocolates in their centres. (There were none of these left by the end of the night as the guests thought they were too irresistible!) Black and silver helium balloons hung above the pots. Handmade white and purple tissue pompoms hung from the frame which was draped in sheer black material to offset the white backdrop, and a handmade 'Congratulations' banner also hung between these frames.

All of the desserts also had their own description cards so the guest knew what they were eating.

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The wedding cake consisted of a chocolate mud cake, layered and coated in chocolate ganache with a white fondant icing covering. A small cake was placed on top in the centre with which I had the wire hearts and stars coming from.
The two figures on the cake I handmade from fondant icing, and in similar dress to what they were both wearing on the big day.
The cupcakes were chocolate mudcake, topped with chocolate ganache and a thin layer of white fondant icing. A silver oval with a black batman symbol was in the centre of each cake, as one of the brides looooves batman!

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At the rear of the table were round vanilla cakepops, in both milk and white chocolate, and drizzled with pink and purple coloured chocolate. They all stood upright in a handmade box created to suit the purple, white and silver theme.
Two plates of mini chocolate mud cupcakes stood either side of the cake, each topped with a swirl of purple buttercream and a sprinkling of silver cachous.
A plate of vanilla sugar cookies was in the centre on each side, in both round and heart shapes and each decorated with the couples names or hearts in royal icing.
Plates of truffles stood at the ends of each table, the one drizzled in white above was peppermint flavoured, the other shown below was toffee.

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This was my first dessert table, and created purely because the caterer for the couples' wedding cancelled on them only six weeks before the wedding. I made over 100 cakepops, 60 truffles, 40 sugar cookies, 60 mini cupcakes, 50 large cupcakes and the wedding cake, and by the end of the night there were only 4 cakepops left, 2 truffles, no sugar cookies, no mini cupcakes, and about 20 wedding cupcakes, (though the couple had refused to cut the cake as they thought it looked too good so people weren't sure if they were allowed to take the wedding cupcakes or not, otherwise there probably wouldn't have been any of those left by the end of the night either!).
So, after deeming this table a huge success (not to mention the enquiries I received from other guests on the night about catering for their upcoming events), I decided to pursue this new venture - and so began my Temptation Tables.

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